Mission Impossible: Sell 5 Beats In 5 Days

With all of the tools at your disposal right here on myFlashStore, as well as pretty much every other music production website out there, you have the chance to really do well when it comes to selling beats. I always believe that anyone can sell anything, just as long as they’re true to their word and try not to do it in a way that looks like they’re selling.

The Challenge

I have a challenge for all of you, and if you choose to accept it, then you will learn how to hustle and work hard. Let’s call it: Beat Bonanza. The challenge is that you have to sell 5 beats in 5 days. This may not seem possible to you, but it could work if you do it right. You can start this challenge any time you feel like, but the goal is to sell 5 beats in 5 days.

You can either pick 5 beats or make 5 new ones, it’s entirely up to you. Even though over all of my articles I’ve always pushed the fact that it’s better to actually work with artists rather than just sell beats to them, the point of this challenge is to just sell beats, period. You’re not trying to make friends here and you’re not trying to compete with anyone but yourself.

You might sell 1 beat to 1 person, or that 1 beat 5 times, but that doesn’t count. It’s straight up 5 different beats to be sold. Maybe 1 buyer will buy all 5, and that’s fine, but the goal is to try and hustle and work hard, so selling to different buyers is best.

The reason for this challenge is that I see some beat makers are having trouble selling beats. I’ve explained in the past that it could be a number of things, such as pure bad luck, or the fact that your beats maybe just don’t fit a certain style that buyers are looking for. Regardless, by trying this challenge, it will push you to sell beats and not just let an automated system like myFlashStore do all the work for you.

It’s a great system for selling beats, but you must not forget to actually hustle! This is why some of you have trouble selling beats – you upload and forget. Once your beat is uploaded, that should be just the beginning because after that you should be networking and working to get your beats sold. Don’t forget that there’s a whole world outside of the internet, and selling beats in person is also another way.

You could sell all 5 beats online or offline, it doesn’t matter. But there’s a few rules I expect you to abide by:

Don’t Spam The Hell Out Of Any Website

For some reason, I often get new members to IllMuzik that sign up to the forums and then post that they have beats for sale. I never understood why someone would go to a producer website and try to sell beats. Maybe they think that rappers are browsing the forums (although they do), but it’s a long shot.

The most common sites that get hit are Facebook and Twitter. Facebook I’m starting to dislike more and more (I’ll be writing an article about that soon), but Twitter is on point (unless they screw up like Facebook). But I always see tons of posts on both sites from producers and beat makers that just post spam about how they’re selling beats. It may work for some of you, but as I’ve mentioned in the past – it’s a wrong move.

So when doing this challenge, try to stay away from spamming at all. The goal is to sell your beats in another way, which leads me to the other rule…

Try To Sell By Writing A Catchy Headline For Each Beat

This is what will set you apart from everyone else. I don’t have anything written down right now, so I’m coming up with ideas as I’m typing, for instance, maybe you could use headlines like:
“This beat will bring out the trueness of your lyrics”.
“Your next song won’t be the same without this beat”.
“Nobody is feeling you because you’re not using this beat”.
Then link each one to the page where they can listen and buy your beats. What this will do is attract people to your post and they will hopefully click your link. This is basically the same thing as Search Engine Optimization when it comes to websites and articles just like this one. I could have called this article “Do this challenge and sell 5 beats” but that doesn’t sound as good as “Mission Impossible…”.

No matter which website you choose to promote your beats, I ask that you add a #beatbonanza hashtag to your posts. That should bring more attention to this challenge, who knows? This whole thing might go viral and you end up on the cover of GQ holding an MPC. If after 5 days you haven’t sold 5 beats, then that’s okay. Just try the challenge again and again until you succeed. #hustle #hardwork #goodluck!

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