One Painful Habit Music Producers Must Fix Immediately

Music producers, it’s Curtiss King of, here today to share with you one painful habit that pretty much all music producers do, if they don’t fix it, it’s gonna be real ugly. 

Music producers, let me give you a quick story, so, back when I first started really doing music production full time, and I started leasing my beats, and I was going through Airbit, and I was, every day, pretty much doing the same thing music producers do. We just sit in front of a laptop in front of a desk and we just kinda slump and sit. It’s the same human beings do when they get on top of their cell phones, they’re on their cell phones, and I guess you wouldn’t get on top of your cell phone, but when you getting on your cell phone, you’re looking down and you’re slouched over.

What I started noticing is that this has detrimental effects to not just your physical body, because obviously if your neck is being slumped, things are happening to where, I don’t know about you, but I get migraines, I get headaches, these things get directly affected because you know, of course your body is made up of nerves and nerve endings that connect to different parts of your body. This being said, I realized that I was getting a lot of headaches, but I didn’t quite know where it was from, some part of me kinda knew that it was my posture when making beats, but when you’re going in and your making beats, how many of us really care about posture? Come on, really? Really?

But it took me going to a really great gym instructor, my buddy Ian, you know, I took a picture of my studio set up and I went to him you know I really, tell him, look I’m getting back pains, I’m getting neck pains and no, stop laughing, it ain’t because Curtiss is old, I’m only 32, but anyways. I started getting back pains, neck pains, just feeling terrible all over and so I told him, you know, he asked me what do you do for the majority of the day? I said I make beats and he said hmm, interesting. Well, send me a picture of your set up and maybe I can see something wrong with your set up and then we can go from there.

So, here’s what we found out. This happened about, I say 3 years ago, I gave him a picture off my cell phone of my set up. And he just looked at me and he was like, I know why you getting headaches Curtiss. I was like, you do? And he was like, I know why you getting headaches, it’s your posture and it’s where your laptop is sitting. See, at the time, my laptop was sitting pretty much like you know, most producers, we put it on top of a desk that is not really eye level, we put it on top of a desk because we just get to work, we don’t worry about these things. And that’s the unfortunate thing, sometimes about our particular culture and even our community. Nobody really talks about the health aspect. But, here’s a detrimental thing that producers are doing, they’re not sitting eye level with their laptop.

Now, your friend, Curtiss King, talked to my gym instructor Ian and I made changes immediately, you know, and some of you may have seen my old setup, where I used to have the television on the wall and you know I put the mounted T.V up there and I basically hooked up my laptop to it and because of that, it did change the way that my posture was and it actually worked, but then I started getting comfortable and you know I went from not looking at the screen to looking at the laptop. So, I said you know what, I need something that no matter what, it’s going to force me to change my posture and look up so that I can avoid the end of the day migraines, because mind you I had worked on beats sometimes, 12 hours, not 1 beat, but I worked on multiple beats 12 hours a day. Just like any work shift, it’s like sitting behind a desk job and unfortunately the older you get, your knees, all kind of things start going because of you not utilizing those muscles.

So, something that I would like to share with you that could help you avoid this detrimental, painful experience that I had, cause I had migraine, but then I had something called sciatic nerve. Oh my God. It’s like somebody shot you in the butt. It’s the worst thing in the world, because you can’t walk a certain way, you gotta limp everywhere you go, and it comes from sitting down all the time. So, here’s something that I did. If you see back here, I’m gonna go ahead and twist this over. You see right here, I pretty much have what you would consider a DJ setup, or a DJ prop or a DJ stand for my actual laptop. So, in addition to the DJ stand, this is what it does, basically forces me to look up as I’m making beats, I have to look up. I even have to reach my arms out sometimes, I got a Bluetooth keyboard that helps this process, but sometimes I gotta go up there and sometimes I even gotta stand up to really, really get into a beat because it’s a physical experience when I’m making a beat. So, that was the first thing I did.

Only issue was, I wasn’t getting a very accurate, an accurate interpretation of what my sounds were supposed to be sounding like, especially to my padding sounds, so something else I did at the suggestion of a producer that I worked with. I got some speaker stands, so then I got these stands that pretty much fit the Rockit 5s and mind you the DJ stand I think was probably 79 bucks, I got it on Amazon, Amazon Prime and then the stands themselves were probably 50 bucks together. But because of that, now, everything supports good posture. Also, a good chair, having a chair that is not gonna slump on you, you know sometimes I know we work on lawn chairs, we work on the floor sometimes, because us as music producers, we just trying to get it in.

But here’s the reality of it, is that. In the long run, these things are gonna come and bite you in the butt. And I don’t mean that in a figurative sense, I mean that literally. When you get that sciatic nerve. So, that’s the one detrimental thing I think producers are doing. They’re not eye level with their actual laptop, they’re not using good posture, and these things are supporting bad habits, what’s in turn will give you migraines, it’ll give you headaches, give you back pain, sciatic nerves. All these things that you don’t wanna have in your life, I want you to continue to make beats. I want you to continue to upload into your Airbit account. But, that is not gonna happen unless you are in good spirits and it good health. 

Once again, this is Curtiss King of Have a good one  

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