Rethinking 99 Cent Beats (Part 2)

Selling beats for 99 cents has been typical amongst producers these days but not every producer is happy about it. Some producers believe their time and effort to produce a beat is worth more than 99 cents. I argued that it’s fine to sell beats for 99 cents for Demo Rights but I wouldn’t it do it for Leasing Rights. Still, even selling beats at 99 cents for Demo Rights may still feel a little off. Besides, you’ve spent hours and hours working on a beat and years of learning how to produce beats in the first place, why would you sell your work for 99 cents under any type of rights? Well I share the same perspective and I think there’s yet another way to rethink how we sell 99 cent beats.

Time and effort is usually what producers claim is the biggest disadvantage of valuing your beats at 99 cents. I agree, what producer wouldn’t agree? So what can we do to sell beats for 99 cents and be ok with it? Loops.

Selling Loops may justify the 99 cent price tag. Loops can be a form of promotional type beats. Have you ever heard a beat on a mixtape that was obviously just a looped version of an industry beat? Usually DJ’s can’t find just the instrumental of a song, so they loop a section of the song where there are no vocals for the artist to rap on. You can think of selling Looped beats as something similar. Looped beats are just looped versions of full beats you have on sale for 99 cents.

So here’s how I scenario would play out:

You produce a full beat with intro, verses, hook and bridge. That beat goes on sale for Leasing Rights for $x amount. Now upload a looped version of that beat (no intro, no hook, no bridge, just the verse sections) for Leasing Rights for 99 cents. Now you have two different versions of a beat properly priced.

To do this on myFlashStore, you’d have to just change the price for Leasing Rights in bulk for all of the Looped beats you uploaded, that way the price is different from your full beats. Of course, you can also just make Looped beats to sell for 99 cents – which doesn’t take much time and effort anyway.


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