Using Youtube to Sell Your Beats – Part 1

This week I want to talk about something most of you are very familiar with – selling beats on Youtube. So if you haven’t done this before, or you’re looking for a few extra tips, this is for you

Before I get into it, i want to make it clear I am no Youtube expert, I’ve done some research, and I’ve put a few things into practice myself so I know what does and doesn’t work… for me. If you find you do things a little different, and that works for you, then great, stick with it!


How Often Should You Upload?

The first thing I want to talk about, (which is a bit of a no-brainer) is frequency of uploads to youtube. You should be uploading videos as much as possible, within reason. Some people will upload one video and expect to get thousands of views and subscriptions, just because they think the video is good

That’s not how it works. Obviously it depends on how much content you have, if you only have enough for one a week, upload one week. But if you’re capable, I’d say uploading one a day is good way to steadily build views and subscriptions (which will eventually lead to sales). If you can’t manage that, then 3/4 a week will do.

And use a different picture each time as well. It may seem obvious, but a different high quality picture will make a huge difference, compared to using your logo for every upload, or a low quality picture (which is probably the worst thing you can do)

What I’m getting at here is that you want to keep your channel fresh. What reason does someone have to subscribe to your channel if you haven’t uploaded a video in two weeks? None. So if you can show that you’ve constantly got something new for them to watch, then they’ve got a good reason to keep coming back

Which leads on nicely to my next point

Subscriptions vs Sales

Obviously your end goal with Youtube (and all your marketing efforts) is sales. Allow me to take you back to the first post in this series, where I talked about seeking out long term customers, rather than one-off sales. This applies more to people just starting with Youtube, or who have very few followers but should ring true for a lot of you

If your Youtube channel is new, or simply lacking in subscribers, you should be focusing more on getting subscribers rather than sales. What’s going to be more profitable to you – having 10 people watch your video & buy your beat and never return – or – have those 10 people subscribe to your channel, and receive a notification every time you upload a beat for the foreseeable future?

Take a look at the screenshots below

using-youtube-to-sell-your-beats using-youtube-to-sell-your-beats

The first screenshot is one of our first #topbeat videos on Youtube. You’ll notice there is a call to action to get people to buy the beat, but we are not telling people to subscribe. It seems silly now, looking back on it. After noticing that subscriptions weren’t increasing (or were doing so very minimally) we decided to add a ‘Subscribe’ annotation (we’ll get to those in a bit). This helped increase subscribers, but we knew we could still do more.. Take a look at the next image

Here you can see we’ve switched the ‘Buy This Beat’ and ‘Subscribe’ annotations. This tiny change had a huge impact on the number of people subscribing to our channel. We also included the subscribe link in the “more info” section. (Creating a “Subscribe” link is quick and easy to do, click here for the tutorial)

I’ve said time and time again that there is no magic technique you can use to increase sales. It’s all the little changes you make that will all increase your sales slightly, and these will add up to drastic increases in sales in the long run

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Use Annotations Wisely

We’ve all seen them. And we all think the same thing. They’re ugly and annoying. But.. they work! Try uploading some videos with no annotations, then upload some with a couple, and see the difference in performance. People need to be told what to do, so tell them. Don’t go overboard though, as it will become too much and may result in people switching off

I recommend no more than two annotations. By the time you add your watermark (Video Manager > Channel > Branding) and your featured video (Video Manager > Channel > Featured Content) that’s already 4 clickable things on screen. Remember, the viewer isn’t watching your video to click buttons, they’re there to hear your beat, watch behind the scenes, here your tips, etc. So keep that in mind

All of these annotations and other things to click on screen are there to do one thing. Keep people on your channel, watching your videos…

Keeping Viewers Engaged

I mentioned the featured video earlier – This will pop up at the bottom of all your videos at your pre set time. This is a great way to direct people to a video you want to push (a new beat upload, for example) and stop them from leaving after one video. There are many more ways to people keep engaged on your channel, and stop them from looking at your competitor’s videos

Playlists are an easy yet effective way of doing this. If you’ve never watched a playlist in Youtube, go do it now so you know what I’m talking about. When someone is watching videos in a playlist, all the other videos in that playlist will be listed to the right, just begging to be watched next. Your viewers won’t even realise how many they’ve gone through by the time they hit the bottom of that list


This is also a great way to make the experience easier for your viewers, as you can categorise all your videos – e.g. Hip Hop Beats, R&B Beats, Instructional Videos etc. AND you can put these playlists on the front page of your channel, making navigation even easier, and therefore making sales more likely. If you’ve ever given up on a purchase because the site was to complicated to navigate, or long winded, you’ll know what I mean

Creating animated videos, like our #topbeat videos is yet another easy way to keep people engaged for longer. They’re not much different to uploading a video with a picture (unless you want really complicated videos) and can be done using programmes like Adobe After Effects – or check out these alternatives. But, like a child watching a kid’s TV programme, we are more captivated by moving parts and bright, flashing lights

And engagement is key to getting more (free) views on Youtube..

Increasing Your (SEO) Rank in Youtube

Youtube has recently (2015 I think? I should do some more research..) changed the way it ranks the popularity of videos. Now, it’s not simply how many views your video gets that determine it’s rank. There is now more of a focus on how long people are watching your videos for. This is why I say having an animated video is a good idea, as it will help keep people watching longer. It also goes without saying, your beats will need to be interesting enough to keep people listening too

This is something to think about when choosing when to have your annotations pop up, if these will take people away from your video. For example, if you have an annotation pop up advertising your newest, hottest beat after 10 seconds, people may click that straight away. So you’ve now got an average view time of 10 seconds, instead of two minutes, so that video will not rank well in search results, which is what we all want

I will go into more detail next week, where I will cover a bit more on Youtube SEO, using the analytics, using Youtube’s tools to make your video perform better, and more

But hopefully for now you’ve at least got a starting point to launch your channel, or make a few changes to your existing channel if need be

Thanks for reading, see you next time for part 2!

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