We’re back for 2019! On July 13th, music producers from all over the world be heading to the UK countryside to make beats, collaborate, and learn!

Last year saw an amazing mix of producers join together for what was a life changing experience for all, and we expect 2019 to be even bigger! This retreat is a music producer’s dream, as the whole week is dedicated to nothing but music (and relaxing in a luxurious mansion). What more could you ask for?

How about the return of our previous mentors; 6 figure earning producers DopeBoyzMuzic.com and Tone Jonez! And if that’s not enough, this year sees the addition of an extra mentor – 15x beat battle champion, 3x consecutive Dallas Observer Music Awards ‘best producer’ award winner, and newest Airbit ambassador, Sikwitit!

All of these producers, as well as Airbit CEO Wasim will be on hand for the whole treat to provide insight and wisdom based on their vast experience of the music industry. This includes both the online beat selling world and the offline, industry/placement side of things.

Some of the craziest beats we’ve heard were made at the last retreat, and we expect the same again in 2019. With DopeBoyz’ unique sound, and mastering… mastery, coupled with Tone Jonez’ ability to turn anything (and we mean anything) into a dope beat, PLUS the added production skills of one of the dopest producers you’ll hear this generation – Sikwitit – this years Airbit Academy beats will be second to none.

And of course, attendees will have access to the swimming pool, hot tub, tennis courts and more.. though in 2018 most people spent their free time doing what they love most – making beats! And can you blame them?

Check it out here