Announcing Airbit Playlists: Curated, Collaborative, and Unlisted

We at Airbit know how important it is for you to get the exposure needed to maintain a thriving beat-selling business. Not only do we want to help producers get on artists’ radars, we also want to help artists find the perfect beat they need to craft an amazing song. In our efforts to help both producers and artists succeed, we have created Playlists, with three awesome updates to the platform: Airbit-Curated Playlists, Collaborative Playlists, and Unlisted Playlists.

These are powerful new tools to help artists and content creators find the beats they’re looking for, help producers reach new audiences, and provide new collaboration opportunities for the whole community.

Airbit-Curated Playlists

Airbit-Curated Playlists contain hand-picked beats that we think fit perfectly into the chosen mood, genre, style, or category. These are specifically curated by Airbit staff, celebrity contributors, and our ambassadors, so you know they’ll contain the best of the best.

These will cover everything from latest trends, up-and-comers, specific genres, hidden gems, top sellers, and so on.

We’re passionate about making sure the right beats reach the right people for the right projects, so we’ll constantly be adding new playlists, updating them, and recruiting high-profile contributors to make sure artists and content creators always have access to the perfect beats for their project.

To make finding the best beats even easier, we’re giving the Airbit-Curated Playlists their own section on the Marketplace, so you can head straight there to browse beats that have been hand-picked for you.

Collaborative Playlists

Playlist collaboration is yet another way for you to connect with artists, content creators, and producers, as you can build your perfect playlist with anyone in the community.

Anyone can invite someone to collaborate, and you can make a playlist collaborative at any point by simply sending out an invite to another user, using your collab link.

Once they accept the invite, they can start adding instrumentals right away – it’s that easy.

As a collaborator, you can add, remove, and reorder beats on the playlist, but changing the playlist title, description, artwork, and users is restricted to the owner only. And if you’re not sure the collab is working out? No problem. As the owner, you can also turn off collaboration at any point, which removes all collaborators, leaving you in charge.

Unlisted Playlists

Unlisted Playlists are hidden from the Marketplace and the general public, but can be viewed by people who are invited – including people who aren’t Airbit members. This means you can share your playlists with specific artists, labels, managers, etc., without making that playlist available for anyone else to see.

But don’t get that confused with private playlists, which can’t be viewed by anyone but the owner.

And yes, collaborators can still be added to unlisted playlists just like any other playlist.

So what does all this mean?

For artists and content creators, it’ll be much easier to quickly and easily find the beats you need. It’ll also be easier to work with others to create a snapshot of what you need for your upcoming project.

For producers, as well as creating awesome playlists with others in the community, you now have another avenue to reach new audiences. Your beats can now be discovered quicker, easier, and more often, as they get added to playlists and shared.

Check out Search by Sound, for another tool that increases discoverability of beats, and Airbit Messaging, our latest feature to facilitate collaboration.

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