Music producers. It’s Curtiss King of, here today to discuss how do you balance your beat creating process along with your beat leasing business? 

Music producers, when you decide that you wanna take your business online and you wanna become an online producer, or as I like to put it, a produce-eneur. Understand that you’re going to have to wear many hats, unless you have a team. If you don’t have a team of people who can do things like the graphic design for your social media or the video editing for your behind the beat videos, or if you don’t have somebody that can you know, answer comments while you’re sitting up there creating? You are going to have to wear many hats, it’s not uncommon especially for us online producers. That being said, what I don’t want you to get into the wrong mindset of is that you have to micro manage everything at every single time. You must balance, you must strike a balance and understand where the actual see-saw of balance should be.

Now, when I say balance, I don’t mean giving them equal energy. No, that’s not what I’m saying. I’m saying that, let’s not forget what got you here to begin with, okay. Before you had the verification on your social medias, if you got that before you had the hundreds of friends on Twitter or on Instagram of Facebook. Before you had any of that, it started with a skill set, it started with you making music. That at some point in time, somebody looked at or listened to and said, hey, I like this. I would actually like to hear more of this. You know what? I’m such a fan, I wanna follow you. So, when you’re thinking about the business of the beat leasing business and how much goes into that, cause that can be an all-day process.

The question comes, how do I balance all of this and wearing all these hats? Well, you’re talking to the right person, cause I am one person that has had struggles in the past with balancing both, how do I do this? And the thing that has helped me the most is understanding that I must figure out the times, I must figure out the most specific times that I can give to the things that are the most important to this overall process. A building cannot survive without a foundation, right? A car can’t run without an engine, a computer can’t run without a motherboard. So, you have to take care of the foundation, of your overall package. That being your actual beat creation. Focus on that, invest in that, try to find the skill sets or learn the skill sets that are gonna help you become better but focus in on that first. Once you establish that, and you got that you know, you’re gonna still be growing but you gotta make sure that the balance has, as the see-saw goes, the balance should be majority of this, your music creation and then a little bit less of a lean when it comes to your actual business. Focus on the business and then treat the business like an art form, the business doesn’t have to be stale marketing terms.. It doesn’t have to be like that. Focus in on the business and make it feel like an art form but at the end of the day, do not forget what got you here.

So, when it comes to balancing, I would say, figure out specific days for specific tasks. If I had 5-day week, in which I could work. I would balance 3 days to make music, 2 days to figure out the social media campaign or the marketing approach and then I would push on those days. And then every single day what I would do is find ways to buy my time back. Things like Hootsuite which allows me to time tweets, so imagine there’s tweets going out, while I’m sitting here making a beat. I don’t have to check social media for that. Imagine that you know, you have scheduled videos on going up on YouTube that are behind the scenes videos that are going up on days that you’re making beats, right? It may appear to everyone else that you’re moving in so many different directions, but you’ve already planned for it and therefore your approach now, looks omnipresent because of your planning. So, that’s another part of it, you gotta make sure you have some specific planning in terms of what goes where and when you should put it out. Now, these are my thoughts on the topic, I would love to hear your thoughts about how you balance making beats and marketing your beats on your beat leasing business or how do you balance both worlds? Cause they’re obviously 2 worlds that require their own energy to be successful in them. Please share those in the comments below, we encourage engagement. 

Once again, this is Curtiss King of Have a good one. 

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