Nowadays is a fairly simple process to get income from making videos and uploading them to YouTube .

What you need :

– YouTube channel

– Adsense account

If you already have a Adsense account you should go to your YouTube account settings and enable monetization for your videos . After monetization is enable you should link your Adsense account to your YouTube channel and the monetization function will be as a feature for every video you have and for every new video you upload .

If you don`t have a Adsense account you will have the possibility to make one via YouTube . Go to your YouTube account settings and enable monetization . They will ask if you already have Adsense and if you don`t have they will make one and associate it with your YouTube channel . The procces of getting a Adsense account via YouTube is simple and very fast ( when I did that for one of my channels it took just 30 minutes for my Adsense account to be activated and linked to the YT channel ) .

What you should know about monetization :

2. You have the option to choose what format the ads that will show on your videos have : overlay in-video , trueview in-stream and standard in-stream . I recommend using just overlay in-video ads because this format is less intrusive and doesn`t affect the performance of your videos . Trueview and standard in-stream ads have a high selling point so you will recive more money for them but they are very intrusive and affect the performance of your videos ( views , comments , likes , subscribers, etc .) because nobody wants to see a full non skippable 30 seconds ad .

3. You will go through a verification procces for your Adsense account . After you have made a certain amount of money , Google will send a letter to your address containing a PIN number so that your account will be verified and Google will start sending money . So make sure that when you create your Adsense account the informations you give are correct ( address , name etc.)

If your channel is popular and you have a solid base of subscribers and views/day you should try to get partnered with YouTube . You will have more benefits and you will earn more money than a regular YouTube channel .

Best regards ,

Iulian / 2probeats