How To Pay Your Bills With Beats

I’ve been making a living off selling beats for about 6 years now. For the first two years, I’ve worked really hard to try to pay rent, my phone bill, my internet bill ect. What I’ve learned over the years is that you don’t have to work too hard to pay your bills. There is a way to design your life. I want to talk you about how I pay my bills with beats and how you can do the same.

First, there’s the phone bill. I have an iPhone and with a Sprint plan, it costs me about $87 a month. Instead of hoping to sell a beat for $500 Exclusive Rights one day, I decided to create a little monthly service that pays my phone bill. If I can create a monthly service where 9 artists can pay me $10 a month, that would pay my phone bill. So why not let artists pay you $10 a month to download up to 10 beats a month with Demo Rights? Well, that’s exactly what I do and in fact I have way more then 30 artists using that service.

To simplify this post, I’ll skip my other bills and get straight to how I pay my rent. Rent is about $800 a month for a studio in LA – in some cases. I’ve lived in different states, so the rent has been different every time, but overall I know I’m going to need at least $800 a month coming in just to pay for rent. This is the most challenging. At first, the way I solved this problem fairly quickly was by finding a roommate. But if you want to live on your own, then this may take a couple months until you can feel confident that you can pay your rent every month (assuming that you don’t have a job aside from selling beats).

You can easily try to create the first service I mentioned and then get as many artists needed to pay for your rent and that might just be it for you. But if you don’t have a lot of artists to market your service to, then you need to find a few who are going to pay you at least $100 month. However, people don’t just spend $100 a month with anyone, so you have to provide them with a service they feel is worth it while at the same time not breaking your back. You don’t have to do a $100 a month service, you can charge $50 a month or $30 a month. But keep it mind that the lower your charge, the more artists you’re going to need to hold accountable to pay your rent. The more you charge, the less artists you need.

There are different things you can do, be creative. You can charge artists for monthly payments on Exclusive Rights. You can do monthly custom beats. You can offer them Beat Insurance for beats they’ve already purchase (All mentioned in previous blog posts by the way) The overall idea is to create monthly services that pay for certain bills and to be objective. Don’t get your own place unless you can prove that you have made the rent money for at least 3 months. Trust me, you don’t want to get your own place and then find out that the next month you have to move back in with mom, it has happened to me before. You don’t have to aim at making $1,000 off one service. If one service makes you only $100 a month, then cool, that covers your phone bill. By using this mindset, you’ll be much closer to making a living off your beats!



By Sam | April 2nd, 2013 | How To Pay Your Bills With Beats