Why (and How) You Should Interact with Other Producers on Airbit

To rise to the top of any industry, you got to choose to be involved in that community. Helping others, providing education or insight, improving everyone’s quality, and, mostly importantly, communicating with others is what will get your name known, and more importantly, establish you as an integral voice.

Airbit producer Breekay put together a few of the best ways to interact with other producers using Airbit’s features and community tools:

Airbit Commenting

Commenting on other producers beats and beat stores helps increase traffic both to their beat store and yours. Your name will now be visible in their beat store, and if they appreciate the comments you’ve left, they’ll likely click through to your store, as will their visitors. The public-facing discussion in the comments panel on a producer’s beat store or yours will make them (and you) look more impressive to potential buyers.

Airbit Messaging

Have you ever wondered what drum kits a particular producer uses? Shoot them a message and ask! Airbit private messaging is the perfect place to establish connections, and potentially start collabs.

Airbit Playlists

Curated, collaborative and unlisted playlists allow you to build collections of others’ beats on Airbit. By creating playlists, you can help yourself and artists by narrowing down a type of sound that one might want to find when they come to the platform. With collaborative playlists, you and other producers can work together to nail down a sound or a vibe. And with unlisted playlists (not visible to the public), you can keep that process private, say if you have a list of beats you want to share only with specific artists, labels, managers, etc.

Social Media

By following an engaging on Airbit’s Instagram, Twitter, Twitch, and TikTok, you may hear some great producers and musicians that you otherwise would never have known of, you’ll also gain more followers. When people keep seeing your name in every comment section, sooner or later, they’ll swing by your profile. Those could be potential customers, potential homies, potential collaborations — you just never know.


Over on Airbit’s Discord server, producers and artists are asking for and giving each other feedback, and it’s beautiful. It’s where all creatives can connect with others, start convos, build connections, ask questions, and launch collaborations. People are talking about how they mix their beats, what their creative process is, how to level up their beat stores and sales, the benefits of joining Airbit’s YouTube Content ID service, and so on. It’s a treasure chest of knowledge – get in now.

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