I’ve Been Posting Instrumental Mixtapes (Blue City Instrumentals Top 8 26 Times In A Row) Since 2005 and They Have Brought Me A Plethora of New Customers. If You Want To Get Exposure For Your Beats You WILL Pay Attention To This Post.

What You’ll Need:

A Datpiff.com Account (Free)

Social Sites (Preferrably Twitter and Facebook)

$50 (Optional)

Hot Beats (Tagged)

A Mic or Place To Record (Optional)

Photoshop (Optional)

Now Before I Begin Make Sure To Have Everything Above Completed. First Off If You Haven’t Heard Of Datpiff.com, I Don’t Know What You Have Been Doing With Your Life. In My Opinion It Is The Hottest Mixtape Site Known To Man. Users From All Over The World Are On This Site Checking Out The Latest Mixtapes Which Is Perfect For You. Once You Have A Datpiff Account You Are Allowed To Post Mixtapes Of Your Own (Used To Be A 3 Day Approval Process Now Is Instant). All You Need Is The Beats, The Cover, And The Info and Youre Set To Start Uploading. But Before You Upload The Beats MAKE SURE THEY ARE ALL TAGGED PROPERLY, Or You Can Kiss About 85-90% Of Your Potential Customers Goodbye.

If You Have Photoshop, You Can Make A Simple Cover For Your Mixtape. If You Dont Have Access To Photoshop Google Around The Internet For Someone Who Can Make You A Cover For A Decent Price. If You Have A Studio or Somewhere You Can Record, A Good Idea Is To Record An Intro Giving A Very Quick Rundown on The Rights Granted To The Beats, Website, Leasing Prices Etc. This Is Not A Requirement. In The Beat Names Put Your Email Address or Phone Besides The Beat Names For Business Inquiries. Before You Put The Mixtape Online You Have The Option To Pay $50 To Get The Mixtape Sponsored (Lasts As Long As The Mixtape Is Up). WHen A Mixtape Is Sponsored Users Don’t Have To Be Logged In To Download and It Doesnt Count Against Their 5 Mixtape Download Limit (MAJOR PLUS)

Now If You Have Twitter I Discovered IF You Put The Artist Name As Your Twitter Name (Including The “@”) When You Or Someone Else Uses The Tweet Button It Will Automatically Show Up In Your Mentions. (Helping You Keep Track of People Who Help Promote It For You. After Posting It You Can Keep Track Of How Many People Listened and Downloaded Also Which Is Very Vital. Another Thing You Want To Do Is Be Consistent, At Least A New Instrumental Mixtape Every 1-2 Months To Build Your Fanbase.

If You Have Any Questions Send Me An Email (ceobluejones@gmail.com)

— Blue