Selling beats is the ultimate goal for most beatmakers, and with the various ways you can sell beats – from the streets to online communities like myFlashStore, it can be very lucrative.
But so can stealing.
Just as you can make lots of money and get lots of attention from making and selling beats, the same goes for those that choose to steal your precious beats and use it as their own. This is why it’s important to tag your beats.

Thieves Are Everywhere
When it comes to tagging beats that you put online, I’ve always compared it to owning a home. Your home sits there on your property and is ripe for the picking for any would be thieves, so normally you would get an alarm system installed to deter them. But it still won’t stop them from robbing your house. There’s always ways around an alarm system or flood lights, and if a thief really wants to get into your house, they will.
So when you’re preparing to upload your latest beat online, either to sell it or to showcase it to your peers, tagging is something you need to really consider. I’ve heard from a few people that beat stealing is running rampant online and it’s something that is done all the time. There are rappers, singers, and even other beat makers that are scouring the internet right now, looking for a beat that they can jack and claim as their own. It sucks, but it happens.
Tag It
There are different ways that you can tag your beat. You can tag it yourself, or you can pay to have someone do the tags for you. For example, right here on myFlashStore, you can purchase voicetags and place them on top of your beats BEFORE you upload them to be sold.
Doing it yourself is an option, but that’s if you have the patience to do so. I know a guy that has done many voice tags and even though his voice is perfect for it, it can be a lot of work. Granted, once you set up your own voice tags, then you’re all set. From that point forward, it’s just a matter of adding them to your beats, but getting someone else to do it is still a great option.
My voice is pretty good for voice work, but by no means do I sound like a typical “IN A WORLD…” type of guy. So paying someone to do the tags for you is great because you can hire someone that has a certain type of voice, or even just to mix things up once in a while instead of using the same tags all the time.
The Downside
I really hate the fact that there are people out there stealing beats. I know some rappers just want to take a beat and use it to spit on top of, and I don’t think that’s a big deal if they’re just doing it at home for fun with their boys. But when they steal beats and make an entire mixtape with it, then it’s a problem because then your beat is out there and this guy is all over it. You may think to yourself, “but that’s a compliment if they steal my beat!”- yes, but what if they suck? Do you want someone that sucks to be on top of your beat? I didn’t think so.
Even though you can tag your beats, it’s still never 100% effective. Everyone knows that whether it’s beats, photos, posts, or anything in between – once it’s online, it’s there forever.
With that in mind, it’s important to be careful of how you use your tags. The problem is that you don’t want to turn people off from your beat. Instead, you want them to be able to listen to it and enjoy it. Don’t forget that you’re trying to attract buyers, so if your beat has a voice tag and it’s playing all throughout your beat, then no one can hear your actual beat!
It’s a tough situation, I know, but it’s a necessarily evil if you want to avoid being beat-jacked. When placing tags on your beat, I would recommend you place them every few bars, depending on the length of the voice tag. You want your beat open just enough that everyone can hear and enjoy it, but not enough so that someone can grab 4 bars and just loop it.
Think about all the times when you find a dope sample and you want to chop it, but there’s that one little spot near the end of the sample that prevents you from having a clean loop. That always gets me mad, so just imagine how a beat-jacker would feel!