Literally any one of MOONSIDE’s beats could have been chosen as a #topbeat, they are all so good. “PMR” was the choice this week and I’m confident it was the right one. It’s got that little extra.. evil to it, y’know?

As a newcomer to myFlashStore, Josh Petruccio has already been in both the top newcomer chart, as well as the top 100, so how could we not choose “Rambo” as a #topbeat? We couldn’t, is the answer, and so, here it is. Enjoy – we did

BeatDemons are bringing the smoothness with this instrumental “Fantasy“. BeatDemons have been hanging around in the charts for some time, and were well overdue a #topbeat. I think this beat serves well as an example of their skill..

The combination of a cool melody with some old school sounding break-type drums made “First Flight Out” by Nemisisbeats an easy choice. Nemisis is a new face in the top selling producers chart, and I expect we’ll be seeing a lot more of that name in times to come..

The featured spot on Soundcloud is co-occupied by BeatDemons and MOONSIDE

Josh Petruccio and BeatDemons made it onto both the Youtube Most Popular playlist and Soundcloud Most Popular 

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