We’re starting the RoundUp with something that’ll wake you up better than your morning cup of coffee ever could – Supa LO Beatz’ “All For The Money“. The bass bangs hard in this beat, but it’s nicely balanced by the gracefuleness of the melody over the top so it’s not overwhelming

Next up is AnTBeatz with “The Matrix“. I was initially drawn out of curiosity due to it’s name, but this instrumental kept my interest, and had me bouncing along at my desk, and I guarantee it’ll stick a little bounce in your step too!

I love the feeling of nostalgia that BigBoyTraks’ “Hollywood” brings with it. I feel like I should be sitting in the sun with some old fiends and a few beers. And if an instrumental can evoke those kinds of feelings, it’s definitely worth a listen

Don P’s last #topbeat was a christmas banger, and received lots of love and plays (rightly so). And with “We Winnin” it’s clear he hasn’t lost his touch, or his drive to make high quality beats. And it comes with a hook as well – what more could you ask for?!

And we end the RoundUp as we ended the week, with this banger from Dez Wright – “Come Up“. Dez has been in the top seller’s chart for some time now, so this #topbeat was well overdue – and worth the wait. The bass goes hard, the drums are kicking and it’s all sewn together with an eerie melody over the top

The featured spot on our Soundcloud channel is shared this week by Supa LO Beatz and Don P

Don P also made it into the Soundcloud Most Popular playlist, along with Dez Wright and BigBoyTraks

And BigBoyTraks are also in our Youtube Most Popular playlist, this time accompanied AnTBeatz!

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