I have often found that when it comes to selling beats, or even just making beats, it’s always best to align yourself with other people that can help you get further in the game. It’s one thing to do tons of networking and do all the right things to promote your music and brand, but in a way it all boils down to the “it’s who you know” saying.
Let’s face it – in most aspects of life, a lot of times it doesn’t matter if you’re good or not, it’s about who you know, and if you want to get further in the music industry, your best bet is to team up with the right people.

Beat Making
A few years back, I was working on putting out a compilation album, so I had to find about a dozen or so producers that were willing to send in their music. At one point, I had a guy that had some nice beats, but he didn’t know anyone, so he couldn’t find an emcee to work with (it had to be a full track).
So I teamed him up with another producer that I knew, one that was more seasoned.
I thought it would be a good fit but then it soon fell apart just as fast as they came together. As it turns out, the seasoned producer had trouble working with the other guy because he felt the new guy’s beats, well, sucked!
At first I thought he was just being harsh on the new guy, but then when I heard his beat, I realized with that vet was saying. It was difficult for the vet to get things done because the new guy wasn’t at a certain level that he needed to be. In other words, he wasn’t able to contribute much to the track.
What this lead to was a final product where the seasoned vet decided to use just a small part of the other guy’s beat, and it worked out really well. But I could tell that the beat was about 95% based around the vet’s beat.
All of this made me realize that it’s so important to find the right people to work with, otherwise you could be hurting your own creativity. I know that the new guy has to start somewhere, but it definitely wasn’t with a seasoned vet.
The Industry
There was a woman I knew that was dead set on “making it” in the music industry. At the time, I had teamed up with my friend and we were trying to get our stuff together so we could record and also “make it”. This woman, though, knew lots of people and had some good ideas, so I thought it made total sense to hook up with her and see if she could help us out. At one point, she introduced us to a guy that had a studio, so we were excited that we were one step closer to getting into a recording studio.
Then I realized who I was dealing with.
As it turns out, even though this woman had the right connections and some good ideas, her personality was crap. The problem was that she was dead set on what SHE wanted, and had no desire to help us out, which put a huge damper on what we were trying to accomplish.
So even though my friend and I had a perfect opportunity to make a name for ourselves and put our music out there, we were aligned with the wrong person. Just because she knew people and was working hard to do well in the music industry, she was the wrong person for us to work with.
It’s unfortunate, but working hard and knowing people doesn’t guarantee further advancement, but the key is WHO you know, and if they’re a good fit for you. You may think that you’re hooked up with the right people, when in fact you could be wasting your time.
If you’re working with someone that is holding you back from making better beats, or selling more beats, drop them and find someone else that can help YOU. Good luck!