What’s up fellow Producers, Musicians, Rappers & Beatmakers,

I’m pretty sure all of you guys are interested in making more money all the time. I think I just stumbled upon a gold mine, that helped me make $573.34 in 1 day…from no sales to so much money at one time really made me happy (imagine..lol).

Before I tell you how I did it, let me tell you a bit about the last months in my life. As some of you might know (or not know) – I’m in Austria & every male citizen here has to do 6 months of army. Well I started in January.

As you can imagine, it’s pretty hard to keep up the music in this time (besides that, I have a Marketing Company that I have to care of as well.) So I literarilly made just a few dollars these months.

Cool thing happened though: A few days ago I got really ill & they took me over to a hospital. Lucky me – I took my MacBook Pro with me. In my free time I decided to try some things to get some sales – since the Austrian Army pays only about $400 per months (wtf!!).

I totally forgot that I had an E-Mail list of 1,900 subscribers – so I decided to send out an E-Mail to these subscribers. (I collected these in E-Mails in just a few weeks – I’ll tell you how I did that in some other blog post.)

Guess what happened a few hours later? – I checked my Gmail & had 3 transaction E-Mails. I was like – FINALLY! While I was sitting there somebody even bought an Exclusive beat – without even E-Mailing me before about that (whoaa!).

I made a screenshot for you guys to see, what I saw:


So the big secret is actually having a fan base & the right tools to update them everytime when you upload something new for them.

Here’s another screenshot, which shows how my traffic changed during 1 day only:


I recommend you guys start your own mailing lists as well, but be careful! E-Mail software costs shitloadz of money…around $50 per month for 2000 subscribers!!! – I found a system that is way cheaper & I can set it up for you for $10/month for UNLIMITED users!

If you’re interested, contact me at shynebeats@gmail.com