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Overview Video
Overview video
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Infinitely Flexible The Infinity store is the most customisable store we've ever created. It’s so flexible that not only can you use it as an embeddable beat store like our older HTML5 stores, but you can even use it as a full desktop website and mobile website too. It’s fully responsive design means it looks great however you want to use it.

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Infinitely Customisable You can style your Infinity store to suit your every need. With the countless number of colour and style customisation options available, you can make your Infinity store look and feel as unique as your music. No two stores will ever look the same again.


Intelligent Beat Recommendations

Using the same advanced AI system we use for our Marketplace, trained with nearly a decade of customer usage data, the Infinity Store will intelligently recommend products to your customers throughout your store to help increase your sales and serve your customers with more relevant music.
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Recommendation engine

Audio Visualiser Keep your customers visually stimulated, but not distracted, with the Infinity Store’s beautiful audio visualiser. The style can be customised to fit your store however you see fit. Don’t like it…turn it off. Your call.

Recommendation engine
Recommendation engine

Custom Branding Make your store more…YOU! With custom logo and hero images,
you can make your store stand out from the rest and truly represent you and your brand.

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Customer Login

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Your customers can log in to your store and view their purchase history.
No more emails from customers chasing lost orders!
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