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About me

As a native of St. Louis, B.Original’s interest in hip-hop started at age five when he heard one of his older sisters playing “Rapper’s Delight.” The combination of spoken word, rhythms and the “party” feel hooked him instantly and helped shape his musical journey as a true product of hip-hop. B.Original’s growing interest in hip-hop eventually led him to DJing (L.L. Cool J’s “Radio” being the first record he bought, he still has that original record, scratches and all!) and after many years of paying dues, D.Jing with a dual cassette deck and a boombox, mismatched turntables, and broken amps, B.Original eventually became one of the most well-known DJ’s in St. Louis. It was at that point he decided to try his hand at producing, working with Midwest hip-hop collective Jus Us League throughout the mid 1990’s. Shortly thereafter, B.Original was introduced through a mutual friend to Jason “Jay E” Epperson, the prolific beat-smith behind Nelly and the St. Lunatics. Jay E taught B.Original most of his studio techniques as B.Original worked to develop his own style.

New York to Los Angeles
Eager to expand his knowledge and skills, B.Original moved to New York and began working with the legend DJ Chuck Chillout after joining his record pool. After honing his skills to razor sharp precision, B.Original made a move to Los Angeles where he met Prodigal Sunn from the mighty Sunz of Man/Wu Tang Clan. This “chance” meeting turned into a dynamic working relationship in which B.Original produced most of Prodigal’s debut album, “Return of the Prodigal Sunn” and co-A&R’d and co-Executive Produced the project as well.

In 2013, B.Original started the indie Hip-Hop label Sound Unity Entertainment and released the label’s first single “Block Holiday,” which featured Infamous Mobb’s Big Twins and Sunz of Man’s Prodigal Sunn. Since then, Sound Unity has dropped albums from B.T. Lucci, XP The Marxman, BK Cashmere, Big Twin a compilation project from DJ B.Original himself titled “Archives” and numerous mixtapes.

Most recently, B.Original produced “Love And Loyalty,” the third single off Big Twins “Grimey Life” project which features Prodigy. In addition to that, B.Original produced and mixed Prodigal Sunn’s project titled “Redeemed” which is available via his indie record company Sound Unity Entertainment.

B.Original continues to kept his ear to the ground, DJing, producing, promoting live events, putting out mixtapes, DJing for the Los Angeles Rams and maintaining his status as one of the most respected hip-hop DJ’s throughout Los Angeles.