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About me

Chay aka "Mile High" was born in Arizona but raised in Colorado from under the age of 5 years old and considers himself a Colorado native. From a very young age he has had a very keen interest in music. All genres from the classic rock his dad would listen to, to the RnB his older sisters loved, and of course hip hop. Being a more sports driven single parent family there wasn't much opportunity to learn music. But as soon as he got his first job he started investing into making music. First, he started rapping with friends. Using any beats he could get. Then he met another very dope Artist/Producer that encouraged him to start producing his own beats. From there its been all up hill. Hope you enjoy the music! More Beats on my YouTube @ https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCvNW1g67cZIY0ERSAIYfNrg