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About me

TImmy "Boom Bap" Proznick has been blessed with the gift of music since he was brought into this world. Raised in a family of jazz musicians and educators, he was gifted a drum kit at 3 years old and his life trajectory was set. Having an incredibly deep understanding as both a session musician and beat producer offers him a unique, deep, and avant-garde approach to alot of his work, though understanding the moments when "less" speaks more volume than "more"... As a session drummer first and foremost, TIm also realized how much of an advantage he was in due to the understanding of arrangements in songs and production. This is an area where he has found so many lack when it comes to Beat Producers. With an incredibly deep imaginative and creative pallette, his works dont come as simply loops, but more as compositions.

TIm has worked with a plethora of artists throughout so many genres of music spanning from electronic/EDM DJs, to HipHop artists, Soul & Funk, Jazz, Indy Rock, Punk, Country, and so so many more. This very deep understanding of styles allows for a very diverse musical palette, that is especially valuable when working on tracks in-studio together.

"I thrive off connection, energy, and that magic." Says Tim "Cuz when it hits, there is just something so profound that feeds our soul and elevates us... I call it our Soul Food. I prefer to start with what I call Research and Development sessions with creatives in the room, talking through ideas and our musical history that brought us where we are. This provides a clear lane and path, triggering the like attracts like working together building