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About me

Born and raised in the cold streets of East Trenton, New Jersey and have now relocated to the hot beaches of sunny Florida. Entrepreneur, creator, musician, instrumentalist, music producer, recording engineer, videographer, photographer, multimedia artists. A rebellious, risk taker, enlightened, empowered, health/fitness freak, and adventurer .. Overall I have my own unorthodox view of our world and modern society. Open minded and fascinated with extraordinary knowledge, I have a tremendous passion for music in general as well as music production, different avenues of art, marketing and business. I also find happiness in inspiring others to dream and succeed.

✭A Different $tate Of Mental✭ ⋆ For A Controversial And Non-Conforming Culture.
Rebellious ⋆ Entrepreneur ⋆ Eccentric ⋆ Digital Virtuoso ⋆ Musician ⋆ Instrumentalist
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My productions are destined for hip hop purists, 90′s backpackers, street hustlers, head nodders and cosmic musical evangelists across the globe looking to make future classics, retro fashionable and hip hop golden era productions.

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