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You are currently enjoying a music phenomenon from one of the hottest and most talented artists in Detroit, Michigan! Recognized at SXSW, MTV & has been domination the ReverbNation Charts for years!

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DeAngilo Chester Willis, born February 24th, 1989, is a fascinating talent emerging from the rich soil of Detroit, Michigan. His artistry ranges from film and illustration to being an admitted author, poet, and fashioniesta but, his main mastery is highlighted in his passion and unique touch for music.
As a producer and lyricist, Illa finds himself as an incomparable voice in touch with something greater than his music and himself. There’s a source of infectious energy feeding his creativity, drawing his talents into one gifted spirit and visionary, Cel-Man Iller. Some might say that his diversity stems from his multicultural background. Being of African, Japanese, and Native American decent, Iller is accustomed to pulling from different influences within himself to bring forth something truly authentic.

Cel-Man Iller’s musical life started in his adolescence when his uncle gave him a bass guitar on which he would strum everyday after school. This habit roused in him a love for jazz that inspired his joining an orchestra class in Junior School as he went on to build a provisional studio of his own while forming the band “X-Ponents”. In 2007, Iller released his first album, MalFunK-NatioN, under his production company, Pro Bo Records. It featured songs “4-2.187” and “Gothman” and immersed Cel-Man in an internal voyage to better himself as an emcee. While perfecting his lyricism, Iller was also churning out instrumentals under his production alias, Zakum 41. Under this moniker, he completed notable works such as “Zakum 41 Presents The DEMO’s” and “The Zakum 41 B-Sides/Previews”. These projects showcase Iller’s versatility in a variance of genres including techno, trance, and hip-hop influences.
In the following years, Iller continued to greatly expand his catalog of collaborations. He’s worked with artists such as Gio Blauze, Stripes Solid, Kid Crisis Beats, Sampler Jazz, Ace English (GREMLIN), and Immortal Chaos. Cel-Man has since decided to strictly focus on his solo career though managing a few more collabs with Pyro The Manic, Ether, ArmoKid, and Sik Lib on lost recordings.
In 2009 Iller traveled across the country on his first tour, “La Vagabundo”, later named “Persona Chaper 1 La Vagabundo”. This project saw him gain a greater fan base across the U.S. Later in 2012, Iller fed his listeners with an album consisting of 240 songs which he completed over a span of two months. His inspiration came from worries of the Mayan Prophecy bringing the worlds end.

2016 showed a more revealing Iller when he released “I Wish My Brother David Was Here” in honor of his recently deceased play-brother.