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In the southern region of the United States, located on the eastern bank of the Mississippi River is home to one of the most culturally diverse cities, Baton Rouge. The city is made up of many unique festivals, its southern hospitality, spiritual traditions, and creole/ zydeco origin. Baton Rouge (which is French for the for red stick) is the capitol city of Louisiana, and is only about an hour away from New Orleans, which is famous for the state’s southern cuisine. After being recognized for so many great things, Louisiana has so much to offer. Not to mention, the art and talent of its’ people has always been displayed through television and music. In addition, as the South’s distinguishing style rapidly grows, along with the major support of loved ones, friends, and family, the Louisiana music industry is also on the rise.
Currently in the year 2016, the Greater Baton Rouge area has endured several perils and sufferings, such as the loss of Baton Rouge native Alton Sterling in July, and has overcome the historic Louisiana flood in August. Some areas are still suffering a tremendous loss due to water damage. As a series of events taking a toll on the community, music began forming as an outlet in the time of need. For some Louisiana residents, music can be a way to express ideas freely. With several misfortunes taking place, this has the led southerners to form a unique sound.
Music has contributed to each and everyone’s life in mysterious ways. No matter the circumstances, there’s no way to escape the sound. According to a popular producer, “DJ B Real”, he has always been surrounded by music. His parents contributed to the musical side of his life in many ways. Since his father did music and his mom loved listening to music, it became a significant slice of his life. Marlon Clark aka “DJ B Real” was born November 15, 19__ in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. As a musically inclined kid, a keyboard was his first instrument he learned how to play. Later, he developed a passion for his second instrument, which was the drums and began playing every day. Since then, he has been doing music for 14 years and counting, and is considered one of the hottest producers in BR.
His name says it all, “DJ B Real”. He’s worked with some of the most dope but most realest artists in the music industry such as; Boosie , Webbie, Foxx, Lil Trill, Lil Phat, C-loc, Max Pain, Young Ready, Young Joc, Cane and Abel, Lil Flip, KeKe, Paul Wall, and many more to come. With musical influences Mannie Fresh and KLC, in the near future, he plans to start a great production team and company to continue working with other artists in not just Louisiana, but as well as Atlanta. He wants other aspiring producers to know that it’s essential to learn the business before you put yourself into making music. “I was doing music for fun, but when I saw the potential I had in it, I decided to take it more serious and study the business side of becoming a producer”, said Marlon. He strongly feels that there’s a difference between producing vs. someone that just makes beats. “Producing is someone that actually helps write and compose the song. A beat maker is someone who just sells a beat.”
An interesting thing about DJ B Real is that his favorite food is pot roast. “Only my momma can cook it”, as stated by the DJ. His favorite movie is Hustle and Flow, his biggest fear is falling, and in his spare time he surprisingly enjoys watching Stirstories (kind of like soap operas). His biggest accomplishment was when he produced and launched his very 1st song, which was one of the rawest club songs in BR, “Meet me in the parking”. This led to him becoming a public figure in the eyes of many. I asked the DJ, why did he choose music as his career? His reply was, “I didn’t choose music, music chose me.”
While listening to all genres of music, and collecting ideas every time he hears something new, has always been the key to his motivation. His cousin Reginald Verice (actor/model who has been in 20+ movies) also contributes to his motivation, by giving his good advice for both his life and career path. In order to walk a mile in this DJ’s shoes you have to be smart, but a free thinker. Be a genius by all means necessary, and when it comes to music, leave a great impression. Be raw, fire, legendary, and most important, be inspiring to others.