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About me

Positive Yut, born Emmanuel Chirwa has always been passionate about music. A resident of the destitute ghettoes of Lilongwe, he grew up listening to the soothing blues his mother played as she worked hard to make ends meet. He began to express himself musically at the age of 12 when he made his own guitar and learnt to nurture his talent. Drawing inspiration from his icons Evison Matafale and Sizzla Kalonji, he begun to play music for kids in the community and was dubbed “Positive Yut” because of his positive attitude despite his circumstances. From working to teach music to kids in the ghetto, to touring in ghetto areas with the Jerusalem band, nothing can tame the fires of self-determination when one is filled with Jah Love! His zeal for using music to promote peace, love and harmony led him to start “The Blackstar Liner” movement under his organization “kiddusbeth”, a self-funded open air music show that tours communities in order to give youth the opportunity to express themselves and perform their music. Now based in area 23; Positive Yut and his band, “The Jerusalem Band” are working on a mix tape and studio album due to be released early 2016. Headlining the Lake of Stars Festival 2015 is only the beginning for this sensational reggae artist, he hopes to headline other international festivals, expand his fan base and continue n to mentor and be a positive influence for young minds. His motto is and continues to be “The greatest inspiration comes from the most intimate moments in one’s life. To hear the pain in the voice of the voiceless, to feel the warm-hearted love in a cold hateful world, and to bloom in the most unforgiving environments.”