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About me

The guitar style of VOSS has been forged by diverse influences, like Eric Clapton, David Gilmour and Mark Knopfler. But the man from Bremen is far too musically ambitious to merely copy or emulate other peole´s achievements. So what VOSS offers now delivered with an unmistakable very personal touch is :”­modern guitar music de luxe”.
After completing his studies at music conservatories in Hamburg and Bremen Voss headed for LA to broaden his horizons. (He was later to return to LA to record his first solo album CRAVINGS featuring top session musicians Carlos Vega (dr), Jimmy Johnson (bass), Lenny Castro (perc) and David Scott (p)).
On his return to Europe Voss toured and recorded with a variety of major artists ( see http://berndvoss.com/creditos/), finally settling in Seville where he found access to the Flamenco scene.
In Spain he continues to work with major artists like Manuel Carrasco,Miguel Rios and Luis Fonsi… Currently Voss is working as a contributor for “Guitarraviva” the world´s most followed music education site in Spanish and has just released “Acoustic Guitar Underscores” an album of songs originally composed for visuals.