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About me

The name speaks for itself.

He is a “Montster” when it comes to bringing quality feel good music to any eardrum that wants to experience an Experience!!!

If you ask Montster why did he choose music he would quickly reply, “Music chose me. I’m just an instrument that music uses to play it’s music and that’s fine by me.” Legend traces the company’s beginning back to 2005 at Clemson University. It was there that he started planning and hosting parties and events, under the name, Montster Entertainment.

While directing a commercial for one of his events, a friend of a friend, begin playing music through the monitors, one thing led to another, and by that night Monts had discovered software called Fruity Loop 5, and within an hour produced 10 songs. His God-given talent coupled with a little encouragement from his room-mate, who told him to “Keep doing whatever you did last night in the studio and keep making beats”, led Monts straight to our ears, and now yours as well.

Influenced by the likes of Timbaland, Missy Elliott, Pharrell, DeVante Swing, Curtis Mayfield, Prince, and “anything that I hear for the first time that raise the hairs on my arm”, Monts’ style sets out to do some hair raising of its own with a sound that will send your feet running to the dance floor or constantly putting his production on repeat.

Forever humble with a illuminating aura of confidence that is contagious, Montster has been quoted saying, “I thank God for every adversity He has put me through because it’s been molding me into the Montster you all hear and feel today. Understand I came to Atlanta with no car, the clothes on my back, a friend’s laptop and a keyboard with fire burning in ever molecule of my body waiting to erupt like the Hulk was inside me. I am here on a mission and it’s bigger than me. Don’t follow your dreams, walk side by side with your dream. You and only you alone have to make things happen. Failure to prepare is preparing for FAILURE. Purpose over Popularity to Motivate your Motivation.”