Like O Productions


John Chapple 22 days

You HEATED bruh bruh 100!!! Stay Pushin fo us treal ones ....

i just bought track outs from you but there not in the file

Most apologies, email me at n I'll take care of

Rick McCoy 6 months

You got this beat without the hook?

JEN N JUICE 8 months

Have you obtained a sync license for these sampled tracks? If not, would you be able to give me the original track names so I can do so upon purchase? There's a fee to do this was wondering if we could work out some kind of agreement that way aswell. Let me know! Looking to shop with you during tax season.

JEN N JUICE 8 months

This is insane, absolutely amazing, you are so talented! Wish I could purchase em all!💯

Thanks homie, much respect‼‼‼ 🙏🏾💯