Tyrone Israel about 1 month

Hello PK! I've leased 3 beats from you and would like to know how can I purchase exclusive rights to one of the beats I've leased? Please advise at your earliest convenience.

RonDayvu 3 months

Yo man I been wanting to buy 2 of your beats but haven't been able to reach you in literally months! But they're not here, so where can I buy them?🔥

RonDayvu 3 months

you can hit me at, I mailed both your emails months ago 😅

Dhoruba 4 months

There was a beat on here called promises...has it been purchased?

Dhoruba 4 months

Can you please email me @ Dhoruba.diallo@gmail.

Nico Sweet 4 months

HI! I'm looking to lease your 2018 beat "seven" but I can't find it on here. Can you please email me or write me back at

Ursus 4 months

Hey im interested in buying the bas type beat fiend on YouTube ,i looked and cant find it on here