From the hardest and darkest beats to emotional and Dramatic. The mind of a mad scientist with a talent to build the character you need to find that original sound to be unique. Jamie Easter was born and raised up in rural Alabama. He was brought up in an unprivileged area where the normal was not so normal. From being moved around by struggling parents, an unexpected tragic loss of one of two siblings,  dealing with the day to day struggle of the outside world, made who he is today. Jamie took to music at an early age of 9 yrs old using it as a coping mechanism with the challenges that he overcame. So as so many greats have, He found a passion that still to this day far exceeds anything the world can offer. Using his passion he soon became a talented musical prodigy of his friends, who came and went leaving a memory that most never forget. Selling beats on the street for cigarette money or your occasional Mountain Dew to the musician he is today. Raising a son completely on his own, while juggling life in general along with his love for music. He is quite inspiring with a kind smile, and big heart. Never giving up on his dream, he is a top producer, rapper, songwriter, and singer. He has worked with Rick Ross, Bezz Believe, Cash Money's producer Rondell Cobbs aka Mr Beats, Chris Smidt Universal Records, Gator Mafia, Tree Sound Studios, all while being the CAO of GivinGame Records LLC. He has produced many beats and tracks for other upcoming artist. Presently working with new artists. At last count he has a lengthy catalogue of songs and beats and constantly making more. You can find him on just about any social media or music platforms. YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, tic tok, Spotify, SoundCloud, ect. Check him out! there is something for everyone. Continue to follow him on his journey. You don't want to miss anything. 

The true story is in the music in no chronicle order. It may just be the greatest story ever told. Listen and help us write the rest of this incredible story.

Great things are done by great people, but the greatest things are done by all.

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