Wildabeast™ about 2 months

why u take Desire off I was just boutto buy it

Raimie Stein over 2 years

Homie, I don't stop everyday to comment on producers pages on airbit because I never know if they gona even really take the time to see it, but honestly I had to for you man, you are super fucking talented! For real don't stop grinding, love the originality and the grooviness to the tracks, this is all A1. If you ever looking for a dedicated ass artist to work with, hit me up! Of course will still pay you for time and effort and beats, but going back and forth with the person producing the beats makes the music that much better. You can hit me up at therealyoungrezzy@yahoo.com or on my insta @thisisrezzy - either way keep up the good work bro, super impressed

Chiefy Pushin Keys over 2 years

dope beats bro! see you at the top!

SpaceKee over 3 years

Yooo have you made any sells by doing the free thing ?

jared over 3 years

yo can you email greatcapacity@gmail is you 12 for 99 still in effect i would like this please