SoulFyah Productions


John Chapple about 2 months

FIYA PON MI SOUL.....100...Stay Pushin Fam!

afaf9191 about 2 months

I CANNOT for the life of me get this to work. It cant be that hard. Always get an error message "500 - Server Error" from Airbit when trying to link a social media account to this. Tried Youtube and Twitter and on Windows and on macOS. IT JUST DOESNT WORK. This is no fun. :( The beats are seriously great, but what's the point of that if I cant download ANY of them???

SoulFyah Productions about 2 months

Greetings, thanks for your comment...I honestly don't know what's going wrong there. You can send your email to with the beat(s) you want. Bless

MouSteezy over 1 year

Yooo! This is great!!!!

YO MINUS over 2 years

Great production on these beats....Let's collab add some of my FREE High quality rap acapellas found here: