SoulFyah Productions


John Chapple 5 months

FIYA PON MI SOUL.....100...Stay Pushin Fam!

afaf9191 5 months

I CANNOT for the life of me get this to work. It cant be that hard. Always get an error message "500 - Server Error" from Airbit when trying to link a social media account to this. Tried Youtube and Twitter and on Windows and on macOS. IT JUST DOESNT WORK. This is no fun. :( The beats are seriously great, but what's the point of that if I cant download ANY of them???

Greetings, thanks for your comment...I honestly don't know what's going wrong there. You can send your email to with the beat(s) you want. Bless

MouSteezy almost 2 years

Yooo! This is great!!!!

YO MINUS over 2 years

Great production on these beats....Let's collab add some of my FREE High quality rap acapellas found here: