TheHomieGabe (THG)  grew up on the west coast but never kept his musical taste confined to one specific genre. He enjoys the challenge of combining the rap, hip hop, r&b, and soul styles with a modern twist. His hard slapping basslines with choppy samples,
melodies, vocal chops, and last, but never the least, bouncy percussions make you feel like you want to create the next top 10 billboard, grammy award winning song. THG loves working with up and coming artists  who are trying to take their music careers to the next level by creating a song on a beat that sounds like it was catered to the exact reason why they make music. If you feel like you ARE an artist who deserves to be "Next up" then feel free to check out his Youtube channel where he shows his skills during his livestreams and breaks down some of his favorite songs he's created in vlog form. On his Beatstars page you'll find  some of his greatest beats for purchase. THG has a perfect collection of unreleased music on his soundcloud so don't forget to give an ear, and a comment,  and remember, "When TheHomieGabe is on it. It's always a good one!"

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