Marcus jones 4 months

your the best

Chorderline 4 months

Thanks 🙏

domL 6 months

hey does the non-ex wav or trackout, have any tags on the track

Chorderline 6 months

Hey, no, all purchases without tags (you can download the tagged version for free). - -

leroy bodden 6 months

whats good fam how much you charge for custom beats

Chorderline 6 months

Hey, I don't make custom beats but check my full catalog, you may find something you like:

Joel 8 months

Did you sell the beat God knows juice world type beat

Joel 8 months

Dang man I will pay for something similar to that if it's possible. Just got paid and was coming for it like dang were is it ugh

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Darius T 9 months

Ayo fam you got an email I contact you by?

Chorderline 9 months

Hey, yes. info @