Hvndsom3 Beats

Hvndsom3 Beats is a music producer based in Cyprus that specializes in Afrobeat, hip hop and traditional Zimbabwean music. His work has been featured on albums by Bishop Andile, Qnday Todd, Davycho and Tactical. His most recent project has garnered more than 10000 streams. He has been heavily involved in an emerging subgenre called Neo-Nziyo, which combines elements of African folk music and Urban music to create a new sound.

He first learned how to play instruments at the age of 17.He has since been playing various instruments such as piano and guitar. Hvndsom3 started producing music when he was 17 years old after learning how to use FL Studio from mentor Clay Knockout. He has written and produced over 150 songs since then and is currently working on his sophomore album titled Love Lost Paradise.

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