Lord Dread Beats

Music Producer, Beat-maker, Artist, Singer, Songwriter, and Veteran

Also Sketch Artist, Painter, Graphic Designer, and Storyteller

Hire a Producer, Songwriter, or Beat-maker

30+ years experience Ghostwriting

30+ years experience Creating Beats

Got a song or rap, but need a beat. Get a Custom Beat created.

Custom Beats any Genre you want.

Having problems finishing or writing songs or raps. Hire a Songwriter or Ghostwriter.

Email lorddreadbeats@yahoo.com today. Let's Go!

My work and Merch in the Linktree

I am just one pen behind many Great Artist and Songwriters next Great piece of work.

New Music every month on all Major Platforms.

Get your next Track Mastered bulk discounts available.

Email lorddreadbeats@yahoo.com today. Let's Go!

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