Rok Dolenc is a pianist, keyboardist, award-nominated music producer, arranger and multimedia technician based in Trieste, ITA. His sound can be defined "where the classic sound of a piano or a synthesizer meets relevant modern and contemporary production". Specialized in Pop, Electronic, Funk, Jazz and Folk Music.



Rok grew up in his hometown Trieste, in northern Italy, where he became involved with music at the age of 4. He was born into a family of music professionals and started playing the piano when he was only 2 years old. He began studying classical piano under the guidance of Tamara Ražem Locatelli at the Glasbena Matica music school in Trieste. Tamara Ražem Locatelli's teaching has produced many winners in Italian and Slovenian national and international piano competitions, and Rok had the privilege of performing in over 300 concerts as a solo pianist across Italy, Austria, Belgium, Germany, Serbia, Slovenia, and Croatia.

As he grew up, his passion for music led him to explore musical composition and learn to play other instruments. Subsequently, he embarked on a career as a keyboard player and music director, collaborating with various artists and bands.

In 2015, Rok signed his first musician contract with the KODA agency, a significant step that connected him with other notable names in the industry, including the likes of 2 Cellos.

His debut performance in a sports arena took place in 2016, when he was only 17 years old. He mesmerized the audience with his piano skills at the Stožice Arena in Ljubljana, Slovenia.

In 2020, Rok joined the team supporting Ines Erbus, a Slovenian pop singer, as a keyboard player, session musician, and live show programmer. This marked the beginning of his professional music career, where he specialized in writing, playing, producing, and developing music for upcoming projects.

To enhance his skills in musical production and sound design, Rok sought guidance from numerous professionals in the pop, modern, and electronic music genres.

During his initial years in music production and performance, Rok caught the attention of various artists such as Lenno, Illenium, and Notd, and also garnered recognition from Korg, a renowned music technology company.

Apart from his music endeavors, Rok also provides multimedia tech services to numerous companies. This line of work has led him to collaborate with prominent entities like Generali, the European Parliament, and the Biennale di Venezia (edition 2023), among many others.

Furthermore, Rok has ventured into podcast collaborations, primarily in Italy and Slovenia, and has contributed to radio commercial production. Additionally, he has engaged in collaborations with the Italian RAI and Slovenian RTV broadcasting networks.

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