Tony Sway


MH Beats 4 months

You put effort into your beats mate, id appreciate if you checked my beats out :)

Ismael Seals 9 months

I knew if I was patient I'd find you again. Look at God. When I tell you man too listen to your work is nostalgia. You got that baby making feel to your joints. Yo sky is so grabbing a few joints for an upcoming project. #salute

Henrique Jose over 1 year

hello mate. im new here in airbit so im trying to adapt to this new feature,don't have many songs tho, are you interested to collab for a wile? i really need some basic and professional tips, i want to have success big hug.. whatsapp : 351 911120341

PULSE Music Group over 1 year

Hey family. From one producer to another, just had to come and tell these joints fire! Awesome job bro. Especially the first one you have now (What You Need).....sheesh!

Tony Sway over 1 year

Appreciate that fam, bless!

YO MINUS over 2 years

Great production on these beats....Let's collab add some of my FREE rap acapellas found here: